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Atheists in real life are a rather diverse group.

Atheists in real life are a rather diverse group. Truth be told, the main thing affirmed by the name "atheist" is that the individual rejects faith in any divine beings. It's similar to attempting to make a lucid generalization about individuals who dislike baseball. 

In fiction, be that as it may, while it is sensibly basic to see a character who is never indicated polishing or actually specifying religion, its for the most part just characters with a reasonable level of skepticism and sharpness who can state through and through that they don't accept there are any divine beings. A percentage of the more normal character characteristics are: 

A Cynicism Catalyst or some other trauma, or a hopeless life as a rule was the immediate reason for their "change" to godlessness, and additionally a Rage Against the Heavens at a God who lets such things happen. Hence, the Hollywood Atheist can without much of a stretch be made to invert or rethink their absence of-conviction if something great happens, regardless of the fact that there is no express association between the great occasion and awesome intercession. Alternately, when something awful happens (particularly their demise approaching) the nonbeliever will all of a sudden get a sufficient devotee to appeal to God for help. See Nay-Theist on the off chance that they do have faith in a higher power yet have resentment against it thus. Skeptics have been turned off by charlatans and lowlifess acting for the sake of religion and just need to be demonstrated a non-dishonest adherent to see the light. Skeptics are some way or another basically unconscious of religion, and will cheerfully change over on the spot when educated of the basics of whatever doctrine the work is embracing. Expect them in an Author Tract (notwithstanding the name this appears as right on time as the book Hayy ibn Yaqzan, making this figure of speech Older Than Feudalism). 

    Agnostics just appear to have contentions against their society's dominating religion, frequently Christianity, and to a lesser degree, its brethren Judaism and Islam. They'll have nothing terrible to say against Eastern religions. Agnostics are realists and likely technophiles/transhumanists/roboticists also. Skeptics are pleasure seekers and egotistical people who just think about themselves and their joy. Agnostics have a pseudo-religious faith in science and rationale. That is scientism, not anti-faith. A few skeptics may hold this, however once more, that isn't a characterizing characteristic. Skeptics are discouraged, desolate, avoidant and frequently Straw Nihilists. Skeptics exist exclusively to ridicule religious individuals. Agnostics are straight-out insidious, having clearly dismisses all idea of good and bad when they dismisses religion. Look in, out and all around Faith Heel Turn. Agnostics have no ethical code. Nonbelievers are priggishly persuaded of their own savvy prevalence and normally blinded over "reality" by their own particular elitist demands. Normally, they are indicated as being Not So Different from their religious rivals, particularly the more fanatical ones. Regular to all depictions of the Hollywood Atheist is the real trick that confidence is the characteristic state and something must jump out at push the character far from the standard. Given that the greater part of people worldwide are religious (to fluctuating degrees), this justifiably colors media enormously, yet at the same time, its generally 'my explanation behind not accepting is X.' One never listens 'I simply don't have motivation to accept', which is a typical (if not the most widely recognized) genuine reason given by Atheists. See additionally Acceptable Religious Targets. 
    A real exemption is science fiction which frequently goes so far the other route as to state that Religion Is Wrong and humankind has Outgrown Such Silly Superstitions; for skeptics living in dream settings where the presence of divine beings is verifiable, see Flat Earth Atheist and Nay-Theist. Likewise with other strawman tropes, Hollywood Atheism is an exaggeration of Real Life disposition created to suit the reasons of different creators: by definition, true Atheists are not cases. The way that there are a little minority of Atheists in Real Life who display these aspects does not imply that you ought to accept that those qualities apply to any agnostic you meet. Contrast and Holier Than Thou, and see Crisis of Faith. See additionally Useful Notes on Atheism. Not to be befuddled with a percentage of the American preservationist development's more vocal parts' perspective of Hollywood's "war on Faith".

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

An Amercian Athesit

“Atheists are so arrogant!”

This phrase can frequently be heard on the lips of religious people.  What this accusation really boils down to is the fact that atheists, when speaking on various topics, either claim to know something based on evidence, or remain hesitant to make affirmative claims until they have amassed sufficient knowledge or evidence.  In other words, atheists don’t just make things up.  This should leave one asking themselves, “Well, what’s so arrogant about that?” 

To which they should immediately realize and answer, “Nothing.”  In fact, what religious people call arrogance is really just intellectual honesty driven by curiosity, and placing importance on what is demonstrably true, or at least what can be inferred.  Religious people, on the other hand, tend not to be as intellectually rigorous in this sense.  They do just make stuff up.  Let’s look at an example regarding both an atheist’s and theist’s answer to the question, “What happens when you die?”

The atheist’s response (from WikiAnswers in Atheism):

When you die, your heart ceases to beat, your brain stops functioning, and eventually your body will decay. This happens to all people, regardless of belief.

You, in words, will cease to exist. It is impossible for anyone to grasp this concept entirely because the ‘experience’ itself is an entire lack of experience. The concept of nonexistence can be compared to the lack of existence of a human before being conceived or brought into the world – The universe was here before you were born and will continue when you are gone.
Whatever personal belief you hold will dictate what you think will happen to yourself or others – but what we do know to be fact is that we do not know what happens after death.

We may think we know(in the form of theories, practices, beliefs, etc) but we do not really know, since you are alive, and whatever you believe will happen, might only happen after your death. (So, hence, you do not know what will happen until you die.) This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t believe in your faith, or necessarily that your faith is wrong; it only means that we, as flawed beings, cannot be certain as to what awaits us after death.

This response is extremely measured, reasonable, and full of qualifiers.  It basically describes what death is in a biological sense (i.e. that your heart stops beating and brain activity halts), followed by a discussion regarding the epistemological difficulties surrounding this topic.  One would be hard pressed to find the slightest tinge of arrogance, or any intonation of superiority for that matter, in the atheist response to the question.  But let’s now turn to Greg Laurie’s answer, a contributor to The Christian Post, in a recent article.

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Arrogance is a rock band from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. In the 1970s and early 1980s it was one of the most popular local bands in the state . The group has released six full length albums in its history and an early non-LP single. In 1983 the group entered a dormant period and the members did not perform together again until 2000, when the band reunited for a few select concerts and gigs in the Triangle area in celebration of Arrogance's 30th anniversary. The most notable was the "Reunion" concert at the North Carolina Museum of Art Amphitheatre in Raleigh in 2000. After large turnouts at the band's 2000 performances, Arrogance began performing again in local clubs, bars, and at special events, averaging about one show a year. The band's current lineup consists of Rod Abernethy, Don Dixon, Scott Davison, Robert Kirkland, and Marty Stout.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Atheists Only: are aliens coming in 2012

It has been proven and even said aliens are coming in 2012 end of the world. but does not mean the end of the world. It means end of humanity ancient cultures.

has even carved pictures on walls of aliens taking people them giving us stuff to survive but then again they call them selfs the god . but they also kill us.

but when you go into detail area 51. has caught a few. but the u.s gorverment is being controled by them. bush,obama and everybody else worship satan . If you look up everybody in white house watch there hands signs.people have come out of the military want the U.S to release this info. before its to late but. fail to do so because the gorverment is doing somthing under cover that is evil. area 51 has been throwing up cover up stories out for ever. and soon once you keep saying the same lie over and over it soon makes the lie seems like the truth. they found 36ft tall humans. all the crop circles. the plan for the NWO. is to have 90% of the human population. wipe out. the is 450.000.000.000 years old we have been being visited by the evil being for decades. these E.Ts have been been proven to be pure evil they will deceive into making you think there god and there not.like the UFO in Rosswell new mexico they lied and said it was military experiment. I wish i could say more but i could be killed for knowing to much.we need people to be ready to fight for lives look into this.