Thursday, 28 July 2011

Atheists Only: are aliens coming in 2012

It has been proven and even said aliens are coming in 2012 end of the world. but does not mean the end of the world. It means end of humanity ancient cultures.

has even carved pictures on walls of aliens taking people them giving us stuff to survive but then again they call them selfs the god . but they also kill us.

but when you go into detail area 51. has caught a few. but the u.s gorverment is being controled by them. bush,obama and everybody else worship satan . If you look up everybody in white house watch there hands signs.people have come out of the military want the U.S to release this info. before its to late but. fail to do so because the gorverment is doing somthing under cover that is evil. area 51 has been throwing up cover up stories out for ever. and soon once you keep saying the same lie over and over it soon makes the lie seems like the truth. they found 36ft tall humans. all the crop circles. the plan for the NWO. is to have 90% of the human population. wipe out. the is 450.000.000.000 years old we have been being visited by the evil being for decades. these E.Ts have been been proven to be pure evil they will deceive into making you think there god and there the UFO in Rosswell new mexico they lied and said it was military experiment. I wish i could say more but i could be killed for knowing to much.we need people to be ready to fight for lives look into this.

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